Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bush Babbles Bizarrely About Need To Learn Language Skills

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush babbles about how we should all learn foreign languages. He doesn't pause to wonder why he can't speak English better than a stoner taxi cab driver from Jamaica.

From Smirking Chimp:
We had Bush sum up his Iraqi Crusade thusly: "It's tough...And it's hard work. What you're seeing on your TV is hard work." (I'll say. Watching Dubya speak in public is like watching a twitching "Monk" marathon on cable. )

We had Blinky state before a U.S. University Presidents' Summit on International Education: "We're going to teach our kids how to speak important languages. (As opposed to those UNimportant ones.) We'll welcome teachers here to help teach our kids how to speak languages. (Instead of teaching them how to grunt and point at shiny objects.) But we're also going to advance America's interests around the world and defeat this notion about our — you know, our bullying concept of freedom by letting people see what we're about. Let them see firsthand the decency of this country." (WTF? This is addled even for Blinky!)
As a person who had gotten scholarships in German language studies, I will now scream something very loudly: my life was personally messed up by all the schools, high and low, from the University level on down, stopped hiring German language graduates. SUNY, for example, fired their entire German language staff! Amazing! And all the languages, if they can hire foreigners to teach, they do. Even when I went overseas and learned a lot, it was useless.

I did get hired for a short while by a German firm with offices in NYC. But that is a different story.

The main thing here is, what is that babbling idiot doing, talking about learning languages? He speaks English worse than a taxi driver in Manhattan who just arrived at Kennedy Airport from Uzbekistan!

What is very Freudian about babble boy is the "our bullying concept" statement. Obviously, the dark corners of his mind are at work here, he thinks about being a bully boy and inside his pathetic bubble, he struts and preens desperately, hysterically, his feeble chin all aquiver, his pencil neck thrust forwards. And the "decency of this country" is particularily funny.

From the Yahoo picture site
You know, watching a heavily painted, primped whore bloviate about morals is particularily funny. I mean, I don't care, but then I don't run around talking as if I were some blue stocking Puritan. Shudder at that.

Learning languages in this immigrant country has been entirely aimed as getting people to learn English which we English invaders foisted upon this continent, years ago. The lack of interest in learning languages is heightened by the fact that English, thanks to the British/American imperial efforts, is the Lingua Franca of the world right now, superceding even Latin.

I will note that Bush won't say what languages we ought to learn. French? Bon! German? Ich glaube nicht. Spanish? Well, one must talk to the gardener and servants in the kitchen! Heck. Learn Chinese? Ahem. A good idea. Japanese, ditto. It pays to know the nuances of another language especially when one is doing diplomacy. The Chinese and Japanese ambassadors and all their staff and everyone learns English and they happily chat in English with us but when doing diplomatic work, they revert to their home languages and this is a severe handicap for our stupid negotiators who probably are being paid by these foreign powers anyway, but they can't figure out what is going on during translations and believe me, no translation of anything is straight forwards!

All languages have their idiosyncracies! And Chinese is famous for the many permutations and levels of meaning surrounding diplomatic language. They carefully crafted this over many centuries, forged by hundreds of emperors served by a history of vast numbers of servants and advisors, it is a complex and difficult Mt. Everest of Meanings. One can't climb this mountain using English only.

But of course, the entire point of learning a language means knowing how to use it and this takes us back to Bush and his lunatic asylum crew. They think language is an old hack one can whip into any direction. Far from carefully perusing words, they blabber and blubber all over kingdom come, the laughing stock of the world. To use language is more than talking like an ill trained parrot.

It means thinking and speaking intelligently. And only by rewarding intelligent speakers and punishing babbling idiots can we expect our youth to be inspired to take the trouble to speak English well and to learn to be coherent in other languages.

Someone, please shut up Bush. Thank you.
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