Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Republicans in Congress Put Poison Pill in Headstart Bill


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Hastert and the House GOP put a poison pill in the Head Start bill to force Democrats to vote against it. They want Head Start classes which are held in churches or synogoges to discriminate in hiring by allowing them to hire only people in their own religions. Another Taliban move by the religious right bigots.

An amendment to the new funding bill for Head Start promotes discrimination on religious grounds and would deal a devastating blow to some one million low-income children and their parents who are dependent on the program, according to a large and varied coalition of U.S. organizations.

Late last month, the Republican-led House of Representatives voted 231-184 in favor of the so-called School Readiness Act, which renews funding for the anti-poverty preschool program Head Start.

Wide bipartisan support for the bill's reauthorization through 2011 melted down after the attachment of politically charged amendment, introduced by Rep. Charles W. Boustany, Jr., (R-Louisiana), and Rep. John A. Boehner (news, bio, voting record), (R-Ohio).
This cynical ploy so the GOP can run commercials pretending the Democrats are against Jesus was hatched in Hastert's office which is why an Ohio entity introduced it. They do this all the time, attaching bad legislation to good so they can vote for the bad thing and force the Democrats to go against it.

It is also the Taliban right's hard push to destroy the Constitution's most basic foundation: the seperation of Church and State. The churches that rent out space to Head Start are already pushing the envelope because they are collecting money from Uncle Sam, the little blood suckers. Now they want to determine who works in their government rented space! Talk about stealing with both hands!

Why they want to become an arm of the state baffles me. Too lazy to work for Jesus and thus, needing to become Welfare Queens? Or are they too stupid to see what happens next, namely, resentment from tax payers at supporting insufferable churches that meddle in our private affairs? Look at the collapse of religion in Europe.

The GOP isn't at all serious about working for America. They need to scare the religious people into voting for their economic enslavement by offering goodies. Remember, dear Christians, the Devil shows up with bribes! This is how he tempts people! Can't you read the Bible?

Hell, read the story about Daniel Webster and the Devil. Sheesh. I read it when I was a kid.

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