Monday, October 17, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

From Yahoo:
Marginalized by his university colleagues, ridiculed as a quack by the scientific establishment, Michael Behe continues to challenge the traditional theory of how the world came to be.

For more than a decade, the tenured Lehigh University biochemistry professor and author has been one of the nation's leading proponents of intelligent design, a movement trying to alter how Darwin's theory of evolution is taught in school.

This week, Behe will testify in a federal courtroom in Harrisburg in a landmark case about whether students in a Pennsylvania classroom should be required to hear a statement before their evolution classes that says Darwin's theory is not a fact.

"The fact that most biology texts act more as cheerleaders for Darwin's theory rather than trying to develop the critical faculties of their students shows the need, I think, for such statements," Behe said.

In papers, speeches and a 1996 best-selling book called "Darwin's Black Box," Behe argues that Darwinian evolution cannot fully explain the biological complexities of life, suggesting the work of an intelligent force.
This clinging to an "intelligent force" is most bizarre. Namely, the "Christian" religion, like all the other religions today, believe in magic. Namely, invisible forces capriciously manipulate reality changing it due to human requests of mysterious gods who have this bizarre need to interfer with Lady Luck and Mother Nature. Even when both Great Ladies display their terrifying powers, humans continue to construct all sorts of entities that are not either of these amazingly powerful entities.

Humans almost didn't make it through the hazards of massive volcanic eruptions and gross planetary changes due to the Ice Ages. To reassure ourselves, we created gods and goddesses that would take interest in our needs and protect us. The first ones created were mergers of human/animal/plants which the charming people in the Nile valley elevated into a huge pantheon of some of the nicest, most humane gods ever. When I go to the museum and look at tiny statuettes of the cat/human goddess carrying her little basket, golden earrings jangling in her pert ears, I am reminded as to why cats were domesticated in the first place.

To kill mice and rats and purr.

Dogs go way back for they were our first friends in the cold chill of the Ice Ages. All humans formed alliances with dogs during the onset of that terrible time. The merger was so intense we carry dog socializations to this very day.

The ancient Egyptians knew that the barrier between humans and animals was paper thin. I suspect they would have no problem thinking about how closely related we all are with all those living creatures that surround us. But modern religions cut off the oxygen that connected the animal-spirit world with the human-spirit world. And our brains wither and our interactions with nature go sour.

Why are people so unable to accept Mother Nature and Lady Luck? Luck determines if you are where a landslide happens or if you are not hit by falling trees. One can avoid these things but eventually, luck is the determining thing, you could be missed and someone right next to you, taken down. Mother Nature is She Who Must Be Honored. When one lives in kindly regard with Mother Nature, one has a prosperous future. Think, twenty generations from now type of future. Right now, many religions encourage the rape of Mother Nature and the reckless abuse is giving us greater and greater grief! She has another face: the Grim Reaper. Abuse Her, you meet Him!

Jesus can't fix this any more than Buddha or Allah. Pray to them and you get nowhere. They have no power. These lifeless, male dominant religions have no room for feminine powers of birth and recreation via natural forces, the laying of eggs, pregnancies or splitting in two! The fact that the "scientist" who is testifying in court this week wants to teach about a Being Who Creates, well, he better be ready to teach about Her, Mother Nature! Pretending the earth suddenly appeared 6000 years ago and all the living things here appeared magically at the same time can be an amusing affectation of little minds that can't think logically for more than five minutes but asking this to be taken seriously as a science is stupid.

Or bring back the Egyptian pantheon. I could live with that! Personally, I would put up my little statue of a cute catwoman with her little basket and every day, ask her to protect the household and make my grocery shopping go well.

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