Friday, June 10, 2005


One of many brand new Universities rising in China, we build military bases in lands that loathe us and they build intellectual palaces for their own people.

Once again, the Chinese are giving us the boogeyman blues even as we embrace them ever harder.
China, whose surging growth feeds an incessant appetite for U.S. technology, poses a growing intelligence threat that the United States may be ill-equipped to combat, current and former U.S. officials say.

With the Bush administration embroiled in Iraq and the war on terrorism, intelligence experts fear it may be ignoring a determined Chinese strategy to acquire sensitive technology with commercial and military applications through informal spy networks with potentially thousands of operatives.

Such efforts could eventually erode U.S. economic and military prominence, officials and analysts said.
OK. When will they hire me to be an official analyst? Seriously, the "intelligence threat" is strictly on our side, namely, a deficit in our own ability to think about anything rationally. First: breaking news for the analysts. Hate to clue them in, but China is already challenging our power because they are rapidly building an awesome industrial base at roughly the same speed we are dismantling our own! Geeze!
The FBI lack resources to cope, they said. Also, U.S. corporations face business pressure to transfer key research and development facilities into China in exchange for promised access to its massive domestic market.
You know our rulers are pulling our legs about the war on terror, China, the whole kit and kaboodle. As readers of this blog know, they verbally attack China here and then fly off to that place to smooze and to conspire to make things even worse then they fly home and feign, yes, pretend to be surprized and horrified at what is going on. Our media conspires to cover all of this in such a sly way that even smart Americans are fooled. I have debated about this for years and only this year, made any headway in convincing anyone that we are being set up for a vast betrayal. For starters, we doubled the FBI budget, we increased spy vs spy powers and money and etc and every month they cough up this crap about not being ready, not having enough money, not enough power to stop what is going on! Well....duh.
China has about 3,000 "front" companies in the United States that exist mainly to obtain sensitive U.S. technology, according to government estimates cited by experts.

Some 300,000 Chinese citizens and 15,000 Chinese delegations visit the United States annually. An estimated 150,000 Chinese students are at U.S. universities; many are destined for jobs at high-tech U.S. firms or national research facilities.

The Chinese government assumes such individuals "will be intelligence collectors. And many are," said I.C. Smith, a former U.S. counterintelligence official.
Front companies! Hahaha. Like...IBM? Gads. Name names! There are all at the pinnacle of our industrial giants!

Why are we assisting and even paying for all these "dangerous" Chinese nationals to come here and take all those courses in college that make them more powerful because we need them, desperately. They get an excellent lower school education and come here eager to learn and easily best the best of the American student body which has funneled the best minds into medicine and business and law which is where the money is, not nuclear physics or astronomy or electrical engineering. The "hard sciences" languish in America while being cherished by the Asians.

I remember when Americans took courses in rocket technology. Then NASA didn't hire them! Then we started Star Wars but made the work so odious that former rocket experts who were young switched careers, I watched this happen from the front lines! This is why our rocket programs now stink. Working on hyper-secret stuff is no fun. It is awful, actually. The security has shot up the last five years making it a very unhappy place to work! And a slip up means prison?

The best minds fled this dark, coffin like box. Worse for great brains is your work can't be published nor talked about. Intellectual stagnation=dying interest in rockets.

The Chinese leadership made a collective decision after Tiananmin Square: they let their intellectuals pretty much free to go where ever. Previous to that, only people with children kept in China were allowed to study overseas. Now, pretty much anyone can. This freedom of movement is how they keep the lid on at home, scholars won't attack the Central Committee if they have intellectual freedom while the censorship of the internet at home clamps down further, the freedom abroad increases for the elite.

China is much bigger than the USA. It can lose 50% of its top intellectuals and still have more than twice as many as we have. They love the fact that we have to import Chinese and put them in increasingly powerful positions because this spreads Chinese power in significant ways. Since overpopulation is their problem, taking over more parts of the earth is OK with them just like the Europeans spread all over previously. It is a natural part of what a rising empire does. When Germany was rising, they allowed emigration of intellectuals with a shrug because they churned them out at a frantic rate.

So we do, indeed, have an "intelligence problem" and it isn't a thing more money to the FBI can fix.

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