Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Punitive Patriotism


While trowling about the web with my little net I picked up this fish from New Jersey:

A movie from Indymedia made by some high school students who wanted proof of their home room teacher violating the law trying to force students to stand and salute the flag. This video also shows a teacher unable to project authority. He seems to be a skinhead teacher who barks orders. Imagining the school is a military facility, I presume.

It also shows what a farce the enforcement of patriotism is. Our leaders right down the line in the GOP are shirkers who mouthed patriotic platitudes while running away from their obligations which seems to be what they are still doing. After 9/11 everyone was supposed to be super patriotic. Evidently this has fallen to the wayside. This is why super patriots aren't signing up to fight for "democracy" anymore. Even the biggest flag wavers are flag waverers when it comes to doing the right thing for the right wing.

Screaming at students is easy. Fighting with unarmed kids is a snap. Fighting in Iraq when the "students" can kill you is a whole different kettle of fish.

I remember very vividly when the Supreme Court ruled we no longer had to salute the flag. I decided it was a farce for the same reasons I think it is a farce today. My homeroom teacher screamed at me. He threw a trash can at me. I kicked it back. He hit my desk and I told him to hit me. He turned very red. He screamed that if we were in communist Russia I would have been hauled off and tortured. "What is freedom?" I asked him. He stood there, mute at last.

"It is the freedom to salute or not salute the flag," I informed him. That ended it. After a week, the school agreed to give me an "A" in history and let me out of the class for good. Best "A" I ever earned.

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