Sunday, May 15, 2005

Kultur Krieg: Kids vs Rush

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Courtesy of 1/2 Kracked Kup, comes this story:
Rush Limbaugh said on his nationally syndicated radio show that Evanston Township High School students "don't know anything about World War II" and "they've probably never heard the name Adolf Hitler" because they're so focused on a multicultural curriculum.

Some Evanston kids want to show Limbaugh what they know. They want to debate him on American history.

Of course, the Great Debator, drug addict Rush refused to back his bluster with actually showing up and debating these students. We wonder if he is angry because they might not know about his personal hero, Hitler?
Limbaugh's comments came after he read a Christian Science Monitor article Tuesday that profiled global studies courses required at ETHS. Limbaugh railed against multicultural education generally and singled out the North Shore school.

"What multiculturalists is, is balkanizing this country," Limbaugh said Tuesday. "People are coming here from various parts of the world and they're bringing their cultures with them and the multiculturalists are saying 'your culture is better than the American culture. The American culture is discriminatory, it's racist, sexist, bigot, homophobic.' "

What is the "American culture" anyway? Jazz? Yes. Who created jazz? Why those dark skinned people who were brutally discriminated against for many years. Great jazz musicians were not allowed in through the front doors of the hotels they played at and were not allowed to sleep there, either, for example. In Europe, especially France, they were treated like human beings which is probably why Rush hates France above all other nations.

How about basketball? White only leagues until the Civil Rights Act skewered that. Homosexuals? Well, the "red staters" have a particular and vicious hatred of all gays and goes out of the way to deny them basic civil rights and scream day and night about this matter so I would say a good hunk of America is very homophobic even as gays in the WH ride this wave of hate to great power and Bush kisses his Saudi friends and rubs bald men's heads we see tons of homophobia in America.

Sexist? When I first started fighting for my basic civil rights I was called every name in the book and literally spat upon unlike the mythical "protestors spitting on well trained soldiers who know how to kill people" stories. People spat on me because I was a woman and they erroneously thought I couldn't fight. A bad choice, by the way. I know several forms of combat.

American culture spread because of feminists like Isadora Duncan threw away her corset and danced barefoot and Louis Armstrong kept playing for white audiences even as they abused him in private and gay designers and artists and actors and writers and composers worked day after day entertaining and dressing us and fixing our cities so they were vibrant and beautiful.

Not to mention all the women, minorities, gays and everyone dying for America even as America rejected them again and again, even today, rejecting gays when they want to be patriots! It is still illegal to be in the military and gay!
In 2003, ETHS won an excellence in international education award from the Asia Society and the Goldman Sachs Foundation. ETHS offers seven languages, including Japanese and Hebrew, and has several clubs with an international flavor, including Model United Nations and Amnesty International. Students and staff also point out that the school requires yearlong courses in U.S. history and Western civilization.

"It's funny to me that someone would say we don't know about World War II -- we live in a large Jewish community," said Jane Biliter, a senior. Each year, the school hosts activities for Holocaust Remembrance Week. "Until 10th grade, all we did was U.S. and European history. It's just so false that what he says is funny."

The students are not only right, Rush is right in the wrong way. Feh on him. We applaud the Evanston Schools for this program. May more schools imitate this.

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