Sunday, May 22, 2005


Yesterday, Renssalaer Institute hosted Hillary Clinton as their commencement speaker. I was picking up my son to go work on this house when I saw a tiny group of just four Young Republicans demonstrating against her. I swear, the camera will go along from now on, this missed photo opportunity was too funny.

These young males who refuse to fight in Iraq but hang out at home, stuffing their faces, were all very fat. One was drinking beers and bellowing. They were very rowdy and rather rude but mostly pasty faced and smug. This reminds one that we can't get enough soldiers to die in war anymore. During the Vietnam war many a right wing Republican student would make a big too doo about being patriotic but if one asked them to sign up...poof.

As expected, Hillary was on target:
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton warned some of the next generation of scientists who graduated Saturday from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute that the Bush administration forces science to serve a political agenda on energy.

As a handful of college Republicans protested outside ceremonies on Harkness Field, the senator told more than 1,000 graduates that Bush officials pressured government researchers to manipulate or suppress findings in areas like global warming and mercury pollution.
"This betrayal of the scientific tradition could have long-term, lasting consequences," Clinton said. "There are a lot of powerful interests that don't want to change the way they produce or use energy."
RPI is a techie school. Many of the graduates are foreign. The hollowing out of research is bad. The "powerful interests" she mentions we all know well what they are! Culture of Life News is very pleased to hear her talk about this. It is most important that the young people stepping out into the greater world see clearly what is at stake.
One of the many foreign students who graduated was Marija Kuzmanovic, who drew praise from RPI President Shirley Jackson for raising social awareness on campus by getting concessions to provide coffee from worker-based cooperatives in Central America and Africa. The cooperatives ensure more proceeds go to workers rather than distributors.
The President of RPI is a sanctimoneous two faced critter. The workers at RPI like in so many other universities and colleges is not unionized. At all. And the administration will pull and trick and do anything to insure the workers there toil for next to nothing, the graduate students do the professor's work with virtually no pay and the professors stay divided and weak. The school can be very vicious in this quest and the worker turn over rate at the lower levels is ferocious. More than one person has left because they just couldn't take the toxic atmosphere anymore.

This is why the President of RPI wanted to flatter herself by giving a taunting reward to a student who did pretty much nothing to change the school itself. When I went to a university, I sued them regularily over student/worker rights issues not to mention leafletting and making speeches and sit ins. Of course, no awards for me! Quite the contrary.

For this is what it is all about: doing pretend nice things while making real things worse. This is why nothing much is getting done as far as worker's rights are concerned. Left by the technocrats and the ruling class to fend for themselves, they are outgunned and out thought.

There happens to be students at RPI working for the right of unionization. They weren't cited for rewards.

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