Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dissecting Live Dogs

I thought that it would be just really a good experience if they could see the digestive system in the living animal," Biology teacher Doug Bierregaard said.

Red America loves to pretend they are hyper moral and hyper religious. Yet they say and do things that makes one marvel at them--how can they stand themselves?

This news out of Gunnison, Utah, home to some of the most "strict" religiousness in America leaves one speechless. This is the sector in our country that objects to teaching Darwin because the children might figure out we are descended from monkeys. Perhaps this is wrong. Some of us skipped the monkey part altogether, it seems. Straight from red in tooth and claw Nature comes this classroom experience:
Biology teacher Doug Bjerregaard, who is a substitute teacher at Gunnison Valley High School, wanted his students to see how the digestive system of a dog worked.

Bjerregaard made arrangements for his students to be a part of a dissection of a dog that was still alive.
The dog was still alive, but the teacher said it was sedated before the dissection began.
With the students watching, the sedated dog's digestive system was removed.
"It just makes me sick and I don't think this should go on anywhere and nobody's learning from it," student Sierra Sears said.
The teacher said the lesson would allow students to see the organs actually working.

The Principal of this school "assures" parents this dog was going to be killed anyway so why not do this thing to it first before putting down the trusting animal.

Old Yeller, roll over.

Sounds like Frist who used to experiment on cats he illegally got from the adoption agencies, lying to them about his intents, would be overjoyed with this teacher and his brutal methods. What are the childern learning from this "lesson". "Dismemberment of living things is OK if you plan to kill them anyway"? Or how about "If you think this is gross, visit a factory for butchering cows and watch them skin the poor things alive"? Or "This is your stomach at work, gross, isn't it?"

The mind reels.

I am all for forcing children to watch the death of animals we plan to eat. As a vegetarian, this process upsets me anyway so why hide it from us, the ugly truth about our diets. We think videos of dying cows should appear right after every McDonald's advertisements on TV.

This still doesn't excuse this sadistic biology lesson. The fact the poor dog was going to be killed anyway doesn't change things. Utah, after all, is the place where they had a lottery to see who would win the right to shoot criminals dead. A brutal, Christian state.

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